Gamification for Training

AtLink is leveraging the new and rapidly advancing 3D technologies to help safely, and inexpensively train operators of oil rigs, chemical plants and those that work in other remote, demanding environments. We are able to replicate very high fidelity emulations of operational scenarios that could previously only be achieved by riskier and more expensive on the job training.

Few other visual mediums can match the power that 3D simulations have to offer: they supply a large amount of information in a short period of time, and are engaging and enjoyable. Simulation is particularly beneficial in risky, hands-on industries like oil and gas and chemical processing.

3D training combines courseware, testing, and simulation into a unique learning system. At AtLink, we develop our 3D models to be as realistic as possible: we use the exact same environment, equipment, and practices that are used in the workplace that we’re modeling. It’s as close as the user will get to the real scenario.

Some benefits of 3D training include:

There are even some aspects of 3D training that are superior to live training:

Use of animation and game technology is becoming a true ‘game changer’ in helping companies in all industries to become more competitive, profitable, efficient, and visible. 

AtLink is very active in the creation and application of gamification strategies and technologies in our customer’s core business operations.

Gamification can:

Gamification is the practice of using computer game elements in non-game situations. It is a key ingredient that makes ordinary business exciting: it takes the passive behavior out of customers and replaces it with an active and engaging mindset.

Tom Chatfield’s TED talk on 7 ways games reward the brain deals with many aspects of gamification. Chatfield claims that games have the power “to motivate, to compel us, to transfix us, like nothing else we’ve ever invented.” He states that games predominantly stir two important emotions:

Basic characteristics of gamification include: