AtLink Communications, Inc. Profile

AtLink Communications is a Houston-based software firm founded in 2005 that reliably builds and deploys core business software solutions for mobile, web, and enterprise platforms in a wide variety of markets and industries.

Over the last 15 years we have developed and deployed business-critical applications in the transportation, aerospace, civil engineering, financial, medical, legal, and energy sectors. We are experts in efficiently applying software technologies that run today’s world such as web applications, cloud infrastructure, and mobile platforms. We also have thorough experience with newer tech that is propelling the world forward, including 3-D Visualization, Simulation, Process Automation, Analytics, and Internet of Things. Our clients benefit greatly from our Engineering Design Philosophy of always building software systems that are intentionally flexible for growth and change.

Our development teams combine seasoned software engineers and architects with specialized practitioners in UX, 3-D, and IOT to reliably produce high quality, high-functioning, and visually appealing systems. We conscientiously follow an Agile based Software Development Life Cycle Process that we have refined and improved over the years that allows our projects to more naturally proceed smoothly to completion.