Augmented Reality

Augmented Reality (AR) is transforming the way people digitally view and interact with the physical world. AR works by giving instant feedback for anything the user wishes to identify through a mobile or wearable device. It has begun to change the way apps work one by one, and is forecast to be used by everyone in just a few years.

After creating and fielding a wide variety of custom mobile business apps for our customers, AtLink has created the AtSpot™ Mobile App Development Platform which allows us to rapidly create custom business, marketing, entertainment, and advertising apps for our clients.

AtSpot™ was designed to broadly simplify the development of and support all aspects of Mobile Augmented Reality applications, in addition to handling the more conventional functions of mobile apps such as UI, general commerce, back office, and BI. Mobile Augmented Reality can take an existing image, or live video stream from a smartphone or tablet camera and blends new information to it. The new information can be anything from descriptive text, to 2D or 3D graphics and animations. Mobile Augmented Reality provides a new, captivating and almost limitless way for marketers to engage consumers around a brand.

AtSpot™ has built-in, extensible libraries of 3D objects, animations, and games that support quick prototyping and fast delivery of quality apps for our customers. Currently AtSpot™ supports all Android Smartphone devices and Tablets that run Android 2.3 and above.

AtSpot helps us quickly & reliably Design, Build, and Deploy your Mobile Apps with:

  • Mobile Augmented Reality – with 2D and 3D Augmentations for Apps that will change the way we see the world.
  • Location Based Capability – Apps that use the device GPS, Maps, Compass, Geo-Location and Geofencing features.
  • Pattern Recognition – Ability to recognize and react to visual signatures.
  • Cloud Connection - Connect with webservices from your servers to deliver relevant content or conduct transactions.
  • Back End Database - storage and reporting of customer preferences, transaction histories, campaign metrics and parameters.
  • On Device Storage - Save user preferences, data files, or use SQL Lite and the Android file system.
  • Rich Media - We can help, whether it is music, photos or video streaming, or 2D or 3D gaming.
  • Share Media - Access the device camera & share photos or video.
  • Social Media - Whether it's Twitter, Facebook or Email, allow users to spread the word.
  • Extension to other Platforms - Extend your Apps using Bump, Barcode readers, QR Code readers, Urban Airship, Paypal or the myriad other platforms available.

AtLink Mobile Application Samples: powered by AtSpot

  • Dialog’s D-App - Loyalty Program & Deals app
  • MCAMP - Automotive Sales app
  • Nations Cell Book - Specialized Directory