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@SIM from AtLink Communications

AtLink is inspired by the evolution of advanced technologies and their application to modern traffic management systems. Taking advantage of the deep knowledge in 3D technologies and Gamification AtLink invented @SIM. @SIM is based on the belief that in the future traffic simulations will require the ability to integrate traditional static estimation approaches with dynamic historical or live traffic data with environmental data (Terrain, elevation, lighting, etc.).

@SIM integrates:

  • 3D technology
  • Gamification
  • Intelligent Traffic Simulation Engine (ITSE)

to provide highly dynamic capabilities to model and simulate time-varying traffic flows (peak & off-peak periods) combined with the influence of road geometry and environmental affects to produce a realistic traffic simulation that will identify undesired problem areas that can’t be forecasted or analyzed with static, average based systems.

3D technology

@SIM models and captures the entire network of roads, bridges, buildings, vehicles, traffic lights, road signs, lighting, pedestrians, etc. into a realistic representation.

AtLink 3D technology

@SIM sources 3D model information from …

AtLink LiDAR Scanned Road

AtLink CAD Drawings


@SIM assembles the complete network of 3D models into a realistic gaming engine. This provides the @SIM users the flexibility to navigate and travel the virtual world at ease. It gives the users the wings to fly around freely while observing the traffic flows or take a “1st person” view (as if sitting in a vehicle).

AtLink Integrated network 3D models

AtLink - In game 1st person view

Intelligent Traffic Simulation Engine (ITSE)

@SIM’s ITSE incorporates the following features:

  • Self-driving autonomous cars (laser based raycasting to detect line of sight and angular calculations)
  • Scalable volumes based on actual traffic data (Macroscopic, Microscopic, historical or
  • Customizable Collision avoidance systems (On or OFF)
  • Smart @Point traffic flow mapping system to predefine traffic options
  • Flexible variety of vehicles
  • Realistic acceleration and braking (Physics based and published data)
  • Variable speed based on vehicle type and speed limit
  • Supplemental data/signage displays in 3D(Floating signs always facing camera)

@SIM’s ITSE supports Macroscopic and Microscopic approaches that takes into account environmental factors such as elevation, time of day, light and weather conditions.

To provide a more realistic simulation @SIM integrates with external data sources to integrate historical or live traffic data in its ITSE engine. This enables @SIM to show realistic traffic simulations that can simulate traffic flow of a given date and a time interval to be utilized in users traffic studies.

Using the Microscopic model with ITSE @SIM can identify problem areas in the traffic network.

AtLink 3D models

AtLink 3D models